Date With A Foreigner Online

Gone are the days when you have to send letters via snail mail to foreigners just so you could talk and meet up with them later on. Today, there’s the internet that could let you connect to different people around the globe. Also, now, you could do more than just send e-mail messages to potential partners. There are now dating services on the web that have different tools for online dating and there are applications for chatting that can be downloaded and used right away. If you’re interested in talking to and eventually meeting a foreign person, it is best that you should make use of the internet instead of sending conventional letters and meeting up with a complete stranger. It would be a whole lot safer for you to set up online dates that real-life dates since online dating can give you the privilege to see and talk to a person who’s remotely away from you. However, to find a foreigner whom you could build a romantic relationship with, you should bear in mind a few things first. Take note that every race has different cultures and practices. Also, you have to understand that there are time differences between different countries around the world. To date and be in a relationship with a foreign individual, you should know not only how to adapt to his or her personality and practices but also how to make yourself appealing, build an interesting relationship and also avoid being in conflict with the said person.

There are different races worldwide so you have to choose what type of foreigner you’d have a date with first. Choose between different nationalities and then find out where most of the people of them usually go to meet up with foreign persons. Find out the popular chat and dating services that are used by a particular country and be a part of them so that it would be possible for you to easily find a suitable partner abroad. For your convenience, you could also make use of social sites online that cater to different countries worldwide. In fact, you could also be a member of an online dating service that accepts international members. Aside from finding a way to reach out to a person who belongs to a specific country, you should be sensitive about the cultural practices of a specific place too. That’s so you would be able to communicate with people of a place that’s different from where you live in with the utmost ease and without being in conflict with them.

If you could, you should find a great dating service online that has numerous features that you could take advantage of. Since being in a long-distance relationship or appealing to a person who’s overseas may be quite challenging, you should look for a site where you could meet up with a person whom you wish to meet up later that has things that can keep your relationship interesting no matter how far apart you and your partner are. Be wise, read honest eHarmony review pages and the likes, plus do some research on how to date and have a relationship online to not only find and be romantically linked to a foreigner but also be together with him or her in the future.

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What Is An Alpha Man?

When it comes to attracting girls, guys seem to have varying skills and levels of ability. Some guys find it hard to even get close to a girl; while some are like powerful magnets that make girls swoon to their rhythm. These guys are what we call alpha men, and they seem to have so much power with girls. Now, most guys who belong to the less fortunate, I would say, in their statistics on winning girls would definitely ask the question: “Why do these guys have so much innate attracting power?” These alpha guys definitely possess something which the ordinary guys do not possess, that is, they know the source code for attracting female. They may have learned this source code naturally through practice, or they may have gotten the modules that outline the girlfriend activation system. In the internet, you can search for any honest girlfriend activation system review, and surely you will find a lot about this stuff. Some of what you will find can be considered as rubbish; yet, if you go on searching, you will surely find substantial stuffs about girlfriend activation system that can surely transform you into an alpha man.

The Alpha Man

Maybe this is your first time hearing about the alpha man, and maybe your attention has been piqued a bit to a point that you want to learn more about what alpha man is; otherwise, you will not be reading this article anymore. Alpha man is best described by their characteristics.

First, the alpha men are men of ambitions. They usually align themselves with high goals and can focus on achieving these goals without a hitch. They can act like this because they are emotionally stable. They manifest perfect emotional control even in tough situations. This means they are not emotional but more logical in their approach to problem. Hence, women would surely get attracted to them because they appear like solid rocks that can be very difficult to topple. They likewise have high self-esteem. This means that they are not dependent on the affirmation of other people, but are self-assured. Likewise, the alpha man is a persistent man. He is not a hare or a tortoise. The alpha male is also strong physically; yet, he is also humble. Additionally, the alpha man definitely understands the worth of his word. Hence, the worth of his words is highly considered by other people.

Another characteristic of the alpha man is his purposiveness. The alpha man works on his circle of influence and not on the circle of his concerns. This means that he is not a worrier, and he is always in control. Likewise, the alpha man has a definite style which is endearing to women, and hence, he is highly desirable and lionized by women. Yet, the most outstanding characteristic of an alpha man is that he knows exactly how to treat a lady; and hence, any lady who comes in contact with him will surely never forget the experience and will find it hard to get over him. So, if you want to learn the so-called magic of the alpha man, you can slowly learn the art of what makes an alpha man.

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What Do Users Love About eHarmony?

There are currently a lot of fads and fun activities that people engage in through online means and that one of the most prevalent today is online dating.

There are a lot of reasons why a lot of people find online dating to be extremely fun and engaging. The main reason why a lot of people love online dating is that it makes the whole dating process a lot simpler and a lot less awkward to start. With online dating, individuals will be able to kick start the dating process without them having to leave the house as they can do all of their primary communication through the internet.

Another advantage with online dating is that people will be able to meet people in way that is not limited to local circles. This is because with online dating websites, people will get the chance to meet people from other towns or cities in their county and that it is even possible for them to meet people from other parts of the world. This capability of online dating gives people who engage in the activity even more chances to meet a lot of potential mates and should increase their chances of indeed finding love online.

Now one of the websites that is currently at the forefront of online dating is eHarmony and it is featured in a lot of discussions and top tens that pertain to the best online dating websites that are currently operational. If you are looking for more feedback with regards to the website then below are some of the thoughts that users have with eHarmony.

One of the main draws that a lot of people have for the website is the fact that it is one of the top online dating platforms available today. This means that there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people registered with eHarmony, making it one of the largest online dating communities in the world today. The sheer number of members in the website will also increase the diversity of the people that a member will meet which is something that a lot of users really love as this gives them more opportunities to meet people that will interest them and who they want to share a serious relationship with.

Another aspect of eHarmony that a lot of users really love is the website’s matchmaking process. With other online dating websites, the matchmaking process can be considered as very basic and that it involves only matching interests and preferences across different profiles in order to come up with a match. With eHarmony however, the website employs a highly researched and scientific process to match members in the website. This unique matchmaking process somehow ensures that matches made through the website are highly compatible and should result in a lot of fun and satisfaction for the would-be dating parties involved.

If you have tried using eHarmony and you are looking for a website where you can submit eHarmony review as well as your own general feedback on the website then is the website to go with if you are a UK based eHarmony user.

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What Qualities Should A Voice Over Actor Have

Every movie or stage director has a group of actors who as they say, are stable for the work to be done. These ‘stable’ people are the ones who are absolutely talented and are professional as compared to others in the haystack. These people can score when no one else can and thus make a very boring bland script sound exciting and interesting. Now the only job of these actors is to make the things look good even in the dark times and this is the reason why they were hired in the first place.

The directors or the casting agents look for certain qualities in these actors or artists. Apart from reading the given best male voice over talent that they have received, the directors take a small test to ensure that the project is best suited for the potential candidate. Of course everyone wants a flawless deliverance of their project and they want to know that the candidate that they are selected is not only capable of doing it, but can go the extra mile for perfection. The actors or artists who have the desired qualities have a packed schedule of work. Following are a few qualities that the directors or agents are looking for in the voice over artists:


Be it any work like tech, support, marketing or voice over acting- consistency is one of those qualities that will take you beyond the limits. You should be consistent with your work in quality, timing, breath control, acting and most importantly the modulation effects. Losing energy is no excuse as you would need to work throughout in order to give the perfect take. If you are working or are applying for work in an animated project and have been assigned a character, you need to be consistent with the voice and the mood of the specific character. In all, you should be a dependable asset of the director or production company and give the best upto their expectations.

Taking Direction

Listening is another part of learning and improving which you need to understand in order to give the best. If you have an amazing set of skills and are there to crush it but are not listening and following what is being told to you, you are no better than an amateur. Never argue over direction and understand that each and every expression or dialogue written is for a purpose and reason. Try to pick up what the director or engineer has to say about the quality or tone needed for better recording so that you can deliver the best in limited time.

Apart from these two qualities, professional behaviour is also very important- not only for voice over acting, but all the jobs that are available in the market. You do need to understand that no one wants work from a person who is not true to his word and work at all. Time and money are valuable resources for both the clients and you. Act professional in order to get hired again and again with great recommendations.

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How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile Attractive To Women?

Registering for an account on an online dating site should be pretty easy but making sure that women respond to your profiles or invite messages can be really taxing. If you think that women on online dating sites are easy to get then think again. Just like you, women are also on the online dating site hoping to find someone that will suit their qualifications. When online dating just started, many people are actually assuming that those who engage in online dating have poor tastes and are desperate to find a partner and choosing the best partner is already out of the question. And the only important thing is that they will have partners. It’s a very wrong assumption. Men and women alike chose online dating because it is more flexible, versatile, and much safer. The collateral damage is much lesser compared to real life dating.

If you are a male and you are confronted with the difficulty of finding a female partner online, chances are you are doing something that does not attract any of the females you have contacted. Why not attempt to improve your chances by making an online dating profile that will emphasize your best assets and shows you in a light that you truly deserved the attention of women? You must remember that when you are looking for a partner online, your aim is to give off a confident aura without looking seeming desperate, stalkerish, creepy, or aggressive. In simpler terms, you need to be confident but humble and approachable. Attempt to portray yourself as an outgoing, sweet, and nice guy who wants to meet and get to know women.

Here are some steps that you can do to increase your chances of finding the right woman online:

1. Upload the right photographs.

If you think that a picture of you wearing sunglasses would be a cool picture then you might as well think again. Avoid wearing sunglasses or any accessory that might cover any or the whole part of your face. Allow the women to see your faces and eyes. For some reason, others would really appreciate it because it will help them determine whether there’s a spark or whether your face looks sincere and harmless. Of course, looks can be deceiving but at least, help women to know you more.

Most importantly, just choose a picture that shows that you are attractive without looking like a pompous person. Also, avoid posting pictures wherein you are only wearing either your birthsuit or your undies.

2. Avoid any form of exaggeration.

If you are already constructing your profile, highlight your best qualities and assets but please do not overdo it. Do not exaggerate if it’s not true. For example, you are a good software developer and so you will put that in your profile. But putting that you are a genius software developer and that your skills can surpass Mark Zuckerberg’s is already a form of exaggeration.

3. Make sure that the tone of your profile is approachable and lighthearted.

You do not want to appear scary to the hopeful females so make sure that your profile has an aura of fun and humor. Make sure that it will attract any type of females so that you will have a lot of options to choose from.

If you find yourself still having problems catching the attention of females, then do not hesitate to look for – online dating profile examples.

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Online Dating Costs

Some people would be astonished to discover out that some online dating sites don’t have at charge at all. The websites permit you to browse through the participant’s profiles. Though there is no initial fee, the online dating website restricts your accessto explore through their site. Complete admission to the website is accessible with a monthly charge. Along with full access to the dating website, your monthly charge generally comprises admittance to emailing/messaging your interest, access to their profiles which contains all the material you need.

The rising reputation of online dating is gaining more and more single people to sign up and try it out. What are the reasons for the current admiration and progress of online dating. People find this recent style of finding a mate very appropriate, useful and more significantly it is effective. By inputting some personal information about yourself, the databank can look for the right person for you. You can search for people centered on a exact age, ethnicity, culture, religion, schooling and even occupation. This eludes the annoyances of investing time and money on someone that you weren’t well-suited with you
So how much is the monthly fee for – Online Dating Costs ?

Prices differ depending on which online dating company you choose to join. The prices vary from as little $9.95 to as much as $49.95. According to reviews by members we were able to put together some of the best-rated dating companies.

One of the most well-liked and topmost rated online dating companies,, has monthly fee of $13.33. has the reputation as the best site for those searching for serious and committed relationships. Contrasting some sites, companions are found by way of a personality test, so there is no need to search. Amongst its users, it has a greater population of single woman at 56%., another popular online dating website has over 20 million single men and women. At $12.79 a month, is accommodated to the casual on top of those looking for serious commitments. The website entertainers a mass of members, whom are mostly energetic and lively. It operates a matching system by searching people through age or location. In addition, they also have a custom and keyword search.

Lavalife is an online dating website, appropriate for casual daters. This is perfect for those not looking for a serious relationship. Rather, most members are looking to flirt or chat before making any commitments to date. Dissimilar to and, Lavalife, has a free standard admission. For those that agree to sign up, the membership is for 6 months, at $10 dollars a month. At the conclusion of the 6 months, you have the opportunity to resume or terminate your membership. This site is relatively new, comprising only 2 million members, 60% being male. The site is suitable more for the mature adults due to the explicit content and tends to be over flooded with ads.
It is also wise to review promotions that the online websites offer. You can save lots of money if you take advantage of the additional percent off the monthly charges.

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Try An Online Dating Service

Online dating is something that you should definitely try out in order to find a potential partner in the future. In this day and age, you don’t necessarily have to do traditional ways just to court or get the attention of someone. You don’t even have to leave your home or be in a specific place just to go out on a date. Today, with the power of the internet and the use of computer or mobile devices, you can now go out with someone even if you’re apart from each other. By just being connected to the internet and logged on to an online dating service, you can now see someone face-to-face and then have a chat with at least one person in real-time. With online dating, you won’t only be able to do real-time chat but also reach out to different people located all around the globe. You can have a long-distance kind of relationship with online dating. If you’re interested to know more about and if you specifically want to know how you’d be able to find your potential lover who can be your husband or wife later on, then please continue reading.

The first thing that you have to do to find a date is to become a member of an online dating community website. That’s because this kind of site not only has lots of essential features for people who want to date with other people online but it’s the type of site that also has individuals with similar interests. Plus, of course, dating sites—compared to the usual social networking and social media sites—have a search engine and make use of codes that can automatically match specific members. Dating pages online usually suggest people to their members who have same likes. You can choose to become a part of popular dating sites on the web like eHarmony because sites like it have already managed to produce hundreds if not thousands of successful online and offline relationships. Do you want to read about information on How Much Does eHarmony Cost? If so, you could simply search for eHarmony’s different subscription rates. Even though becoming a member of a dating page would require you to spend some of your money for some time, at least—with it—you would be able to increase your chances of not only finding the right person online but also being found by certain individuals whom you might be interested in as well.

Just make sure that you prioritize your safety when you go on a date online. For your safety, in setting up your profile page, it is important that you should only put details of yourself in a brief and concise manner. Although it pays to be honest, you should not give away every bit of personal information that you have. Do take note that the internet is a place where hackers lurk. Just to be safe, it is best that you should only let yourself be a part of a site that can assure you that it’s safe to use for online dating.

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Functions eHarmony Website In Review

Online dating websites are gaining popularity nowadays. More people are attracted to the idea that they might find that special person online. This is not an impossible thing to happen though, there are people who found that special one through online dating services. Eharmony is one of the leading websites when it comes to online dating services and this review will tel you more about why they are ranked number one.

Creative Profiles

eHarmony provides the best profile page in comparison to other dating websites. The profiles that eHarmony creates is packed with useful information and filled with photos. The pages looks very interactive and fun to look at. This makes browsing your match’s profiles less boring and more fun!  The website boasts their horizontal viewing navigation system because it makes it so much easier for users to browse through profiles.  Other websites still use the typical vertical way of browsing and it makes it hard for members to see the user’s whole page. eHarmony makes sure that you have the best experience while looking at your matches.


There are many ways to talk to your matches through the eHarmony website. You can use icebreaker questions and send it to to them, request to talk to them via eharmony mail (this is the website’s messaging system) and of course let us not forget about the feature called secure call, this lets you ask or exchange your eharmony given phone numbers with your matches. This is the best feature that user’s have been raving about so far. You are provided a unique phone number to give out to your matches, this is given to you subscribe to this feature. You do not need to send them your real phone numbers for security purposes. This feature is neat and a lot of people likes it although it comes with a price as stated below along with the other eharmony premium extras.

eHarmonyPremium Extras

Secure Call, is a very cool feature that lets you contact your potential match using numbers that eHarmony has provided for you. You can use this neat feature for $5.95 a year.

RelyID validates your information such as age, name and location if they are true. If they are, you will get a badge on your profile stating that you are not a fake. This costs $5.95 per year and will help you ley users know that you are the real deal and not a faker.

Book of You focuses on your personality traits through a questionnaire and is an extended part of your profile. This has a one-time fee of $9.99. You do not really need this feature but it is a very interesting addition to your profile.

To be honest, eHarmony is the best dating website at the moment when compared to its competitors. It has a very nice layout that makes it catchy and attracts attention to the users. The more users subscribing to the website, the more chances for you to find that right one. They also offer services that are exclusive to them which are equally exciting and fun! It is true that they can be a bit pricey but you need to understand that they are giving you a very good value for your money. If you are interested to subscribe, click for the subscription prices.

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Looking For Information On Girlfriend Wikis?

Looking to get into the dating game in a way that will actually work- is the guide for you! No tricks, no strategies that make you more of a jerk then a catch- just genuine tips and real world info to help you meet the girl of your dreams.

Don’t bother with sites that are trying to sell you something

At least half of the dating sites out there are offering you information that sets you up to fail. They’re selling something, alright, but it’s not a path to success. In fact, some of them -like the now notorious ‘alpha male’ sites you see- are setting you up to fail hard.

They all operate on the ridiculous presumption that women are just women- that they’re all the same person, just in different looking bodies. They’re not- they’re people too. How is someone who doesn’t even appreciate that not all women are the same going to help you find the right one for you? wants you to win. The tips they offer are just that- tips. You can take them and adapt them to your own needs and goals. They help guide you through the murky dating waters without telling you half-truths and flat out lies. And they make sure that the relationship you’re looking for is one that will fulfill your needs and hers, and lead the way to better things. will help you meet the right person, the right way.

Any dating site that starts by reminding you bars aren’t the best place to meet people is on to a winner, after all. They appreciate how hard simply meeting people can be in a digital age where people spend more time glued to their phones then the people around them.

That’s why a reminder like the fact that people are everywhere can launch your dating career into the red zone. They’ll help you with ways and approaches to chat to the women you find around you- women who are going to be more receptive to listening to a polite, friendly and interest face who wants to know more about their day then they would be listening to some jerky one-liner in a bar.

What about the first date? Will help me there, too?

Of course! No great girlfriend wiki would leave this important night out. will help guide you through getting that perfect balance between the right romantic situation and the two of you concentrating on each other, with the tastes you both have. They’ll help you pick up those clues as to what your [hopeful] future girlfriend would really like to do, and whether the more ‘classic’ romantic stuff will tickle her fancy. They’ll also help you navigate the sometimes impossible to please minefield of so-called ‘rules’ that come with modern dating. And they’ll help you know when to toss those rules out of the window and have fun

Whatever you need from a girlfriend wiki, will help you- check it out today.

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Why is the Marriage Advice Great?

Getting married is one of the biggest life-changing decisions that a person can make in his or her life. The promise of marriage, while beautiful, also has accompanying responsibilities that the couple must live up to for the rest of their lives. It can be expected however, that through the years of your being married, you and your partner will run into problems that can either break the marriage or allow you to learn lessons and make you stronger. The outcome of these problems however will be determined by how you tackle them. Face the problem with a negative or grumpy outset and it will surely bring about more problems to the marriage. Be positive in solving these problems however, and you and your partner will definitely solve these problems and make your relationship happier and more resilient to problems.

If you are currently having some marital problems that you are finding to be quite difficult to solve, then it would be best for you to look for some great marriage advice in order to give you a positive mindset and allow you to tackle these marital problems in the best way possible. Going online and looking for love and marriage advice websites is probably the best way for you to get great advice for your marriage. If you just want to stick only to one website for guidance and information however then should be the website to pick.

The website is one of the easiest and most hassle-free websites for you to get advice from. The website foregoes the fancy graphics and confusing layouts that other similar websites use and instead opts for a clean and simple approach that will allow you to easily focus on why you visited the website on the first place, and that is the marriage advice that the site offers.

When it comes to the advice and content, you will surely love what you get to read on from The website offers a combination of advice, powerful quotes and articles from famous writers and people, tips and many more. These contents are written in a very friendly and fun manner, so you will surely have a blast going through the many articles that the website has. The website is updated regularly on a weekly basis, so you are guaranteed to get a dose of marriage-related wisdom every week.

What’s great about the advice that you get to read on is that they are very easy to relate to. This is most likely due to the fact that it is a husband-and-wife duo that is running the website, and they are also the ones creating the content. They share their experiences with their own marriage, some of which you might find similar to what you and your partner are experiencing today. This setup is also very advantageous for you, as you get to read up on different perspectives of the marriage, which should make it easy for you to widen your views regarding the problems that you face, allowing for a sensible solution to your problems and a happier marriage as well.

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Looking for An Online Dating Website? We Should Be Your First Choice

Online dating is quite tricky. With real life dating, you will get to actually meet the person first and then start the interaction. Though quite inconvenient, the conventional means of dating gives you a concrete idea as to how an individual looks, what are his or her habits, how good is the person at interaction and many more. With online dating, you will only get to see an individual through his or her picture which, admittedly, is not always the best representation of the person. Also, you will interact before you will meet, and if you do meet, it is possible that he or she may be quite different from what you were expecting.

While the above situations are inherent issues with online dating, engaging in such activities online definitely increases the chances of you finding love or a serious relationship. However, it should also be understood that online dating will not always be successful. However, there are numerous factors that could determine how great your online experience could be.

The biggest factor would probably be which online dating website you will be using. The many services and features of such websites can make looking for a potentially suitable partner online very convenient.

When it comes to online dating websites, nothing comes close to Sure, you may need to pay a subscription to use the services, but as far as online dating goes, is the best.

It should be noted that is the pioneer online dating website and has been in existence for over 17 years now, with millions of users still active on the website. This means that the website is relied on by a lot of people and that it has the biggest user base among online dating websites today. also has the most in-depth search function, which allows you to narrow your preferences down to specific habits or body features of an individual. This should allow you to interact only with people who have hobbies, traits and interests that you find to be attractive.

The best online dating sites usually have a subscription fee. While this may be a con to many, subscription fees for online dating websites can be a good deterrent from potential users who are not serious about finding love online, which should result in a lot less hassle and frustration to those who take online dating seriously. It should be a great thing then that while’s subscription costs are not the most affordable, they are definitely very reasonable, and you will surely get your money’s worth from all of the great people that you meet and the interactions that you make with them through the website.

If you want to learn more about, you will want to read up on The blog has a lot of information regarding like reviews of the websites, pros and cons, and you will even have the exact subscription costs in order to be a member of the website.

If you want to try out before shelling out your money, has links to an extended free trial with the website, which should allow you to get a good feel of how the website functions and flows.

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Coping With Infidelity – What To Do?

Having relationships are common in human nature. Relationships starts with dating and sometimes with some Illicit Encounters Membership Cost, of course it is important to know each other very well before taking it up a notch. Before settling for a commitment the couple must understand all the rules or things to keep in mind before marrying. Marriage is not the final stage in a relationship it is only the beginning of the real deal. People who have kept their relationships working up to the present always tell newly bound couples that communication and understanding is the key for a happy and long-lasting relationship. And to keep things working, fixing may be required if glitches and failures occur. That’s why old couples say that fixing is always better than dumping.

What is the most common factor that could destroy a relationship?Being unfaithful to their partners is the most common problem married couple usually deal with. Either one of them may be having an extra marital affair, which brings us into a conclusion that they probably had a poor relationship. Couples tend to have an affair than have a divorce. Some say having an affair is an easy way out of a stressful and an unhappy marriage. Much more complicated if there are children involved. Extended family suffers from the stereotypical way of thinking of the society. Having an affair seems easy because most people see it as an alternative of a failing married life, where in getting a divorce is takes a lot of time and money but not realizing the devastating effect of having an affair. People are getting hurt emotionally and sometimes physically. Even the cheating spouse and the lover also suffer and get hurt as well. They suffer from depression, the shame and the sadness as consequences for their wrong deeds – infidelity.

Now the question is – What are the things to do to cope-up with infidelity? First, both of the couple needs to recognize how it began. Try to identify what was wrong in your marriage. Now, if the problem is already identified, then try to think it over if it could still be fixed. Second thing should be the admittance of the affair. Know why your partner cheated. Talk it over, because communication and understanding is the key. And don’t ignore any chances of forgiving your spouse, because if not do you really want to give up on your marriage?Start Over. It is the only way to surpass infidelity and continue your marriage. The couple should agree to work for their relationship, the spouse who cheated should end the affair completely, and the spouse whom was cheated on should learn to forgive and move on. But most importantly, rebuild trust in the relationship. This might be the hardest thing to do but worth the struggle. Whoever became unfaithful must strive hard to earn back the trust that was lost. Proving your worth to your spouse won’t come easy but it shouldn’t be hard. And finally, get outside help. It is kind of mandatory to consult for the assistance of a trained therapist or counseling to help the couple get past infidelity.

Having an affair seems easy, but handling it after things got out of hand is very hard. It is always better and probably the best is to avoid committing an affair and just be faithful to your spouses to be better role models for the future generations.

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Find The Best Of 80S Fashion From Around The World

80s fashion around the world is like the boomerang that always come back, the amount of 80s theme parties are just incredible it is like our whole society is obsessed with the 80s. The clothing is so different to the style of today in a lot of different ways. Of course color was a huge part of 80s fashion and still is, you need bright neon colors to really make that 80s statement. When looking for that 80s look that is just for you it is a good idea to search the internet for the different 80s styles from around the world. Unfortunately many of the 80s tutorials that you will find on the internet are made by young girls who have no idea about the 80s. These guides are totally bogus and should be taken with a large pinch of salt. If the chick in the video is very young then she probably wasn’t around in the 80s and has little to no idea of what was actually there, the stereotype is very different from the actual everyday attire of the 80s, just remember that when going for an 80s style it is a good idea to try and balance the different influences from around the world into an outfit that suits you specifically. This will give you a unique style that will work in many different situation and you might end up dressing like that more often just because it is groovy.

If you were around in the 80s then perhaps you can remember the time, yes it was different all around the world but there were some universal similarities, If you are lucky then someone in your family will have a vivid memory of the 80s and maybe even some wardrobe from the 80s as well! Go crazy with it a little bit and have fun with your style, remember to get that color really going. Neon blue and pink was always a hit. Makeup always had some purple tone to it and was big around the eyes, don’t forget about the huge hair!. Try it all out, experiment. just don’t go near those dreadful shoulder pads, they were possibly the worst fashion item of the time and only came out in the late 80s when everyone started getting old anyway, don’t do it.

Try and get your makeup to really show, makeup was a big thing in the 80s and people wore a lot of it. Get the glitter pen out and have a little fun, sometimes wearing non matching earrings or doing the makeup on one eye different to the other was a really cool statement and you should try experimenting with that as well.

Just always remember your accessories, fingerless gloves are awesome, and so are neon legwarmers. Tons of bracelets on your wrists, maybe a headband. A mini skirt, tights, off the shoulder t-shirt that is a few sizes too big and there you have it you are ready to be 80s!

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Steel Panther On Tour Soon!

Steel Panther are on tour soon! You heard that right! This smoking-hot heavy metal quartet right out of Los Angeles will be hitting the rest of North America like a hurricane of old-school rock and riffs [and tongue-in-cheek lyrics]  in less than a month.  Don’t miss your chances to see Stix, Satchel, Lexxi and Michael Star up close and personal!

They kicked off their “All You Can Eat” Tour with several gigs in hometown Hollywood in April 2014, but they’ll be storming into Seattle on 3 May and from their conquering the rest of Northern America. The whirlwind tour will see them conquer Denver, Philadelphia, Boston and many, many more before a quick leg through Canada with a Montreal one-night-only on the 20th and the blazing finish in Dallas on the 1st of June.  Sadly for their huge fan base outside of the United States, there are no plans- at the moment- to take the tour out of the country.

“All you can Eat” is the band’s 3rd full length album, kicking off its twelve tracks with “Pussywhipped” and, of course, “Party like Tomorrow is the End of the World,” the debut single which saw pre-release in November last year. And whose star-studded explicit video version is already notorious on the net! “All you can Eat” was released on April 1st this year, but the album itself is no joke. Steel Panther may be known for adding a comic twist to their lyrics and their overblown stage personalities, but the album is solid heavy metal all the way through. There’s a reason these guys beat out Metallica and Iron Maiden as 2012 ‘Best Live Act’ in Loudwire’s music awards.

They’re toeing a suspect line with the cover art for “All you can Eat”, with a mockup of the Last Supper that’s rather far from da Vinci’s own vision! As a Jesus stand in, Michael Starr fails to keep things wholly divine with a bevy of beauties and boxes of pizza. If you’re curious to know more about this particular daring project, Loudwire features an awesome behind-the-scenes glance into the muse and imaginings that spawned the striking cover.

If you’re less about the cover and more about the music, you might like to check out the [decidedly Not Safe For Work] video release for the albums third single, “Gloryhole”. The song itself is fast gaining recognition as a gem from the band, but the video is a star in itself. Only Steel Panther could take a dodgy bathroom with graffitied walls and turn it into a metal classic. You’ll be howling your way through it desperate to see who’s in the next stall over- and what they’re willing to do.  The video was only originally available for smartphone, but it’s now available for streaming online too.

If you’re new to this particularly genius rock metal band, be sure to check them out online in “Gloryhole” and more- or better yet, as Steel Panther tour soon, just get yourself a ticket- you won’t regret it.

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